Quickstart Video

Part 1: The Desktop

Part 2: Fill In Company Information

Part 3: Fill In Standard Tax Rates

Part 4: Fill In Allowance Contract

Part 5: Set QuickBooks Options

Part 6: What is a "Primary Master" & How Does it Differ from an "Estimate"

Part 7: How Do I Decide Which "Primary Master" to Use?

Part 8: How to Open, Save & Close a "Primary Master"

Part 9: How to Open, Save & Close an "Estimate"

Part 10: How to Create a New "Primary Master"

Part 11: How to Create a New "Estimate"

Part 12: How to Import a Primary Master or Estimate from Version 8 or 9

Chapter 1, Part 1 - The Desktop
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Welcome to the new Online Video series from Builders Software Enterprises!
This series has been designed to get you up and running on the BSE Estimator software.

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To help get you started, we have prepared a QuickStart video.
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